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Historic Rillhurst Farm


Allegedly, the land was granted to a man named William Strother by Lord Fairfax in 1749. William Strother was the father of Sarah Dabney Strother Taylor, a woman who became the mother to President Zachary Taylor. By 1750, a log cabin was built on the property in the spot where the farmhouse still stands. Little is know about the farm in the time between 1750 and mid 1800s. In 1839 the farm was acquired by the patriarch of our family John Strother Covington. He is the youngest generation's great great great great great grandfather!​

From that point on, the farm's history has been fairly well documented thanks to family members dedicated to preserving the land's rich history. Rillhurst has been the site of many happy family moments from holiday gatherings to marriages.  


Now we are thrilled to share this beautiful, historic land with others to celebrate the joyous moments of their lives.

IMG_2696 (002).jpg

Land Grant from Lord Fairfax, 1749

Scan_20191108 (39) (1).jpg

Farmhouse with log cabin attached, late 1930s

Robert C. Covington (son of John Strother Covington), seated to the far left, circa 1880s

Scan_20191108 (44).jpg

Back side of old log cabin with a young Mary Strother Tinsley, April 1937


Mary Strother Tinsley, seated in the middle on the lowest step, late 1940s


The Modern Day Rillhurst Bride, Oct. 2020


Modern renovations maintain the rich history of Rillhurst

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